Whether you are hosting a backyard party or a company picnic, the best way to feed your guests is with a delicious and mouth watering spit roast. Spit roast cuisine is becoming more and more popular in Australia for weddings, family and corporate events. Spit roasting is an indirect form of grilling used to cook whole animals like goats, pigs and turkeys, as well as large pieces of meat such as beef. With the following tips, you should be able to get the best spit roast catering services for your event:

Food tasting

Although spit roasting involves roasting meat over medium or high heat fire, it is a technique that requires great expertise. Spit roast meat will taste differently from one caterer to another; therefore, it is wise to ask for have a food tasting before hiring one. If you want spit roasted lamb, pig, goat or turkey, ensure you know what to expect from the caterer in terms of taste and quality before the big day to avoid disappointments.


If you want an entire animal roasted, choose a spit roasting company that can offer this service. Some spit roast caterers specialize on spit roasting large chunks of meat as opposed to roasting an entire animal. Catering companies that offer whole animal spit roasting services have the required equipment to baste and cook the meat at your party's venue. Seeing a whole animal butchered and cooked in front of you and your guests and delightfully enjoy the juicy meat is a one of a kind experience.

Buffet choices

If you are having a spit roast only party, choose a catering company that will provide appetizers, salads, side dishes, deserts and drinks to your guests. Where spit roasting is just a part of the buffet, you can have one catering company to provide all the food and drinks required for the event. If you want to have certain foods at your party, ensure the catering company allows you to switch out appetizers, salads and desserts as per your preferences.

Clean up services

There is nothing more exhausting that having to clean up after a party. Go for a spit roasting catering company that offers clean up services after the event. A caterer that provides their own utensils, cutlery, buffet tables, linens and napkins for the event is more suitable since you will not be required to clean up after the event.

A spit roasting buffet requires you to have an experienced and reliable caterer to give your guests the best spit roast experience. Following these tips will eliminate a number of pitfalls that could frustrate your entire event. Contact a company such as Victorian Golden Roast if you'd like to learn more.